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Karol and Setha was established in 2004 to contribute tackling the root causes of societal problems that require a better self understanding and the improvement of interconnectedness between people.

By focusing on relationships, taking into consideration the whole person, the program intends to give people an opportunity to understand themselves, others and the needs of both to address their personal and/or community objectives of greater harmony, trust and peace in family and society.


The program links critical thinking with a clear understanding of relationship, including sexuality. Communicating one’s feelings and needs and understanding the feelings and needs of others is of fundamental importance in Karol and Setha’s program.  This positive approach helps to motivate people to adopt responsible behaviors.
Karol and Setha’s philosophy is based on a holistic approach to the human being. K&S believes that:

·        All human beings are made up of three components: body (physical), heart (feelings) and mind (see more details in “Values Statement” section);

·        All three components are inseparable from each other;

·        Affecting one affects the other two.


 Therefore, for instance, in the field of sexual life, sexuality is not simply a physical phenomenon; it is a state of being that is influenced by, and influences, the interconnected elements of mind, heart and body.

K&S training consists of an information component, critical thinking, a holistic approach, personal reflection and dialogue.


Karol & Setha training have been requested in a variety of fields, including HIV/AIDS, inequality between men and women, domestic violence, inter-generational dialogue, communication between colleagues, food security program enhancement …